Attractions price list


Attractions price list

Kurozwęki is a beautifully located hotel which is an excellent place for peaceful walks and experiences of interesting adventures

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Ticket prices

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Attractions available as part of the admission ticket
- mini zoo, playground, tennis court, volleyball and soccer field, the fee is only charged for equipment rental - 5 PLN / hour.

Other attractions:
Beech labyrinth for children (June-October),
ticket price: PLN 3

Attractions available after prior telephone booking

Shows active feeding of animals in a mini zoo
- for trips price 1 PLN / person.
- individual for families living in a hotel PLN 30

Horse shows 400 PLN

Visiting the stud with a guide (visiting time about 45 min.)

  • up to 5 people 20 zł
  • 5-10 people PLN 45
  • up to 11-20 people PLN 60
  • over 20 people 90 PLN
  • "Large" (1 coach) 120 zlotys
  • "Large" (1 coach - youth) PLN 60

Treasure hunt (groups of 5 to 20 people) PLN 8 / person

Recover the palace PLN 23 / person.

We recommend organizing guides trips to the Kurozwęki Palace:

Guides - local excursions. Świętokrzyskie Mountains, Sandomierz, Kielce, Ponidzie. tel: 661-688-822;

Guides Świętokrzyskie Mountains, Sandomierz "tel: 692139416

Guide to Świętokrzyski; Rafał Kliś; telephone: 697 693 842;