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Christmas time get- together for Companies.

1st Proposition
Main course : red borscht with a mushroom croquette and raviolis stuffed with cabbage and wild mushrooms. Side dishes : warm fish prepared in a Greek way, Herring in oil  with onions, mushroom salad, vegetable canapés with a fish paste. Desert : Christmas cakes. coffee, tea; juices, traditional compote made from dried fruits
Price 65,00 zł/ /person.

Proposition Nr  2
Main dish :  borscht with tortellinis, cabbage with peas. Warm dish: raviolis with cabbage and wild mushrooms. Cold side dishes : traditional vegetable salad, tuna fish salad, fried fish in batter, herring in tomato sauce and onions, marinated wild mushrooms , papryka and gherkins, tuna fish salad.To accompany these dishes we serve fresh bread, butter and lemon; Desert: Christmas cakes; /Coffee, Tea; Juices , Compot made from dried fruits.
Price 80,00 zł/person

Proposition Nr 3
Entrée : smoked salmon with dill and lemon.
Main course : Borscht with tortellini, breaded cod filet, roast potatoes , salads.Warm dish: raviolis stuffed with cabbage and wild mushrooms.Cold side dishes: greek style fish, herring trio : (herring in oil, onions and capers, herring in tomato sauce with onions, rollmops), traditional vegetable salad and mushroom salad, carp in aspic with raisins and almonds.Desert: Christmas cakes.Coffee and Tea;Juices and Compot made from Dried fruit.Glass of white wine
 Price 125,00 zł /person.

-* A gift or souvenir could be added, we suggest bison cabanos, potted bison ham, bison paté, potted bison sausage meat, a cup…


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